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Belancer is an international marketplace for Bangladeshi freelancers where jobs are posted from the whole world and jobs are completed by people living in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi freelancers already proved their efficiency and effectiveness in last 10 years on various freelance marketplaces. It is time to explore the world even more with the help of a marketplace that is their own. The marketplace is designed by Bangladeshi freelancers and the prime target of this marketplace is to take care of the problems that Bangladeshi freelancers had to face in other marketplaces.

Belancer blog is an open platform where everyone participates and discusses about the welfare and improvement of both Belancer and Freelancing. The blog is designed for both the workers and the clients as both the parties may face issues over time. The idea of the blog is to provide quality information and tips to the users using Belancer to enhance their day to day productivity. From technical issues to hiring, from bidding to opening a profile, everything are discussed in the blog by people who themselves are working in Belancer.

We thank everyone for being with Belancer and Belancer Blog.