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Posted by on May 31, 2015 in Tips and Tutorial |

How To sign Up

How To sign Up

You need to follow some steps to create a account at . Here you go-

Step 1: First browse



Step 2: Then Click sign up button.



Step3: Choose your account type.

If you are a freelancer means if you want to does work please click “Work”

If you are an employer means you are here to post job to hire someone. Please click”Hire”.



Step 4: You will find a form to fill up. Give a user name first. You could use alphabet and numerical numbers only for user name. No special characters and space is not allowed.
Give a password for further use.
Give a valid email id
Provide your contact number

Step 5: Check the check box.

Step 6: Press the sign up button.


You have been successfully signing up at .

Thank You